Nine Lashes: From Water to War review

There are a huge number of impressive rising bands in the Christian rock world. One of those bands, Nine Lashes have released their sophomore effort via Tooth and Nail Records and are primed to take the world by storm.

From Water to War, produced by Aaron Sprinkle and Jasen Rauch, who’s responsible for producing records by Red, Love & Death and others, has everything you could expect and more from the relatively new Nine Lashes.

With the exploding trend of electronics in rock and metal these days, it can be easy for a band, especially a young one, to overdo it and oversaturate their music with un-needed elements.

Nine Lashes does not make that mistake and finds a perfect balance between the rock and electronic. Kicking it off with “Never Back Down,” Nine Lashes arrive with a powerpunch of an opener and set the stage well for what’s to come.

As a rock record, this is an outstanding sophomore offering and Nine Lashes don’t fall victim to the “sophomore slump.” In fact, they’ve taken the sophomore slump and obliterated it and it’s an irrelevant term when it comes to this blazing young band.

If you’re fan of Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet or The Letter Black, check out Nine Lashes- they’ll be a constant on your music player.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Reggie Edwards