Nickelback: No Fixed Address review

One of the most polarizing bands in all of rock-Nickelback are back with their latest record, No Fixed Address, which marks their first release away from longtime label Roadrunner and is their Republic Records debut. Love them or hate them, Nickelback have always shown fans the diversity they possess when it comes to writing music. Each album contains some of the most beautiful ballads as well as some ballsy rock to go along with it. Whether it’s “Some Day,” “If Everyone Cared,” “So Far Away” or “Savin’ Me,” Nickelback’s hits have always anthemic by nature and their heavy songs have been used by WWE, NFL and other action-packed organizations. No Fixed Address is no exception; in fact, they take it to another level with one of the more impressive and strong musical journeys they’ve taken fans on yet. The record is 11 tracks, which is standard for Nickelback- the last time they released an album that wasn’t 11 tracks was 2001’s Silver Side Up. They’ve also made a routine of November releases with the last time they didn’t being in 2005 with All The Right Reasons. They crank it up right out of the gate with “Million Miles An Hour,” which shows Nickelback can rock with the best of them before kicking it into lead single “Edge of a Revolution,” which fits right up alongside other politically-themed tracks the band has written over the years. “What Are You Waiting For” is a Nickelback anthem if there ever was one and “She Keeps Me Up” shows the band channeling their inner funk and should be a quick fan favorite. “Make Me Believe Again” should be an easy and impressive live addition. You can close your eyes and just picture it being sung back by thousands of people packed into an arena while “Got Me Runnin’ Round” features rapper Flo Rida and- much like “She Keeps Me Up”- is a musical change of pace than people have seen from the band and also includes an impressive and funky horn section. In the end- whether you love the band, have been following them since the beginning or if you’re one of the many haters out there, No Fixed Address has something for everyone. There are so many different styles on this album that there’s something to be loved, it’s one of the most diverse and musically complete albums to release during the last quarter of 2014. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards