Newsboys- God\’s Not Dead

by Reggie Edwards In 2010, Newsboys released their first album in the Michael Tait era, Born \"\" Again. After extensive touring in support of that album, the veteran Christian rockers and back already with the follow-up, God’s Not Dead, a praise and worship album, the first since 2004’s Devotion. This one does not disappoint either, and is Newsboys at their best. God’s Not Dead has that electronic/techno-ish sound we found on Born Again and Newsboys seem to pick up right where they left off with their last album, and they did a pretty good job of it too. It seems like when most artists release praise and worship albums these days, it’s the same songs, same stuff and it just gets old. It’s to the point where all that happens is bands reinventing songs, which gets old. Newsboys don’t do that, however. The only songs that are really well-known are “Mighty to Save” and “Revelation Song.” Outside of those two, most of them are pretty original or songs you wouldn’t find in a church service and are pretty new, which I commend the band for. The sound of the album gives you the feel that you’re at a Newsboys concert, which is always a plus when listening to an album. The lyrics are in your face and it’s very clear, even from the title of the album that Newsboys are here to make a statement that God’s Not Dead. Rating: 8/10 Release Date: November 15, 2011 (Inpop Records)