Newly re-mastered Marvin Gaye albums available exclusively on iTunes

Fans of one of Motown’s prolific singers and sex symbols of the Motown era, Marvin Gaye is back—well not in that sense but his music is back and iTunes has struck a deal with his estate to re-master his past albums and have it available exclusively on iTunes. Gaye, who was undoubtedly one of the most popular male singers on the Motown label, released over ten albums during his tenure with Motown and two posthumous albums have been released since his untimely death in 1984. All 17 of Gaye’s albums have been re-mastered exclusively for ITunes including his duet album, “You’re All I Need” with the late Tammi Terrell. It was no secret that Gaye had a fond and endearing relationship with Terrell who has been linked to another famous Motown singer—David Ruffin. The untimely death of Terrell, who passed away in 1970 at the shy age of 24, sent Gaye into a deep depression and he vowed to never work with another female artist on the close level as he and Terrell once did. “I had such emotional experiences with Tammi and her subsequent death that I don’t imagine I’ll ever work with a girl again.” Gaye said in a 1971 interview with Phil Symes. The depression that Gaye felt after the death of Terrell, ultimately triggered inspiration for his eleventh studio album, the social conscious “What’s Going On” which was released in 1971. This album was Gaye’s first album to reach the Billboard Top LPs top ten, peaking at number six and staying on this chart for nearly a year. Additionally, “What’s Going On” went on to sell over two million copies. Gaye’s 1973 album, “Let’s Get It On” helped to establish him as a sex icon that fans in more recent times have come to know of Marvin Gaye. After releasing “What’s Going On,” Gaye experienced a serious battle of writer’s block and decided to lock his self into a recording studio from 1970 until 1973 which is when he released his sexually charged, “Let’s Get It On.” This album would go on to beat out the chart topping, “What’s Going On.” After the release of “Let’s Get It On,” that gave Gaye the spark and motivation to feel on top again as he once had when he first released his first album. “I intend to write a lot more and produce other artists. Now I’m working with a Motown group, the Originals, who are really talented. And I’m going to work with more people—anyone who asks and anyone who puts their trust in me.” said Gaye. With stardom and his new found knack for writing for other artists on his label, Gaye decided to shy away from the media as much as possible and he stuck just to that. According to Gaye, “But I won’t be doing anymore interviews.” and he did just that and continued to write and release more albums until his death in 1984. Although Gaye’s albums have previously been mastered for digital format, fans can expect a more crisper and original sound as if they were listening to a live recording of Gaye’s past albums. The bass, drum and even keyboard sounds are very appealing to the ears and certain songs including “Got to Give It Up,” which was sampled by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for their song “Blurred Lines” sounds just as if you are at a family picnic. You can graciously hear the hand claps and family laughter in the re-mastered version. These re-mastered classics are just that—classics and are worth a listen to. However, if you already own the original album formats, it’s not worth a purchase but iTunes can be commended for their lead way on dominating the digital music playground. -Samantha Pounds