Nervosa: Victim of Yourself review

Nervosa are most likely one of the next big things in thrash metal- they should be at least. Straight out of Brazil, the three piece thrash band are set to release their full-length debut, Victim of Yourself, and it’s an onslaught of thrash metal in vein of legends like Slayer, Anthrax and Motorhead. Nervosa formed in 2011 and have three total releases under their belts- a demo, an EP and now a full-length and they wear their influences on their sleeves. Victim of Yourself’s intro rings “Reign in Blood” and has an eerie feel to it that will haunt your dreams and consume you from the start. From there we’re taken into “Twisted Values,” which shows us what is to come for the rest of the record and shows the Brazilian three-piece at their best and showcases exactly what they can do. Much like Motorhead, Nervosa features three members but with a sound much louder and exceedingly more powerful than three people should be able to produce and put out there. The fact that they’re an all-female metal band will immediately draw comparisons to Kittie. Sure, that’s just because there aren’t many bands out there comprised of only females, but it’s a fair comparison. Female metal bands are emerging in massive amounts right now and it’s hard to find the ones that are actually worth listening to. Some bands have shades of greatness and some have what it takes to make a small run but Nervosa have what it takes to be a mainstay in the metal world and not go anywhere. They have the attitude, the vocals, the talent and the shredding to make a name for themselves. Even Andreas Kisser of Sepultura gave Nervosa some praise, saying they have everything it takes to make history in metal worldwide. If you want a band who has the sound of powerhouses like Anthrax, Motorhead or Slayer but with the sexy vocals of Kittie, check out Nervosa and get on board now before you get left behind. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards