Nekrogoblikon: power review

Thousands of years ago a group of goblins kidnapped and enslaved a metal band. They tortured them until they couldn’t take it anymore and agreed to do the goblins’ bidding and play their goblin-infused metal. For the next thousands of years the band practiced, molded and perfected this sound until their goblin-induced metal sound was ready for the world.

Calling themselves Nekrogoblikon, the band released a few records (Stench and Goblin Island) but the world didn’t seem ready for what was being brought upon them.

Now, a few years later, Nekrogoblikon are ready to force the world to hear what they have to offer- the best damn goblin album ever written- power.

power is the epitome of what goblin metal is all about- ferocious, seething, dynamic and punch-you-in-the-cock metal that will make your mind explode thanks to its awesomeness.

Nekrogoblikon have produced a record that will catapult them to the top of the goblin metal world and make them go down in infamy and notoriety as the best goblin metal band of all time.

Get ready, world, get ready to bow to Nekrogoblikon’s power.

Rating: 9/10