Nekrogoblikon open up about band history and goblin power

\"Nekrogoblikon\"TFRR: Goblin metal- this is intriguing to say the least. Can you explain what exactly Goblin metal is? NKGKN: Well, this all came about as a result of goblins kidnapping us and torturing us for hours until we agreed to create this genre of metal named after them, so the genre is best explained as being synonymous with \”coercion metal\”, \”make-this-or-we\’ll-fucking-kill-you rock\”, and \”Miley Cyrus-core.\” TFRR: We\’ve got Viking metal, Goth metal, industrial metal and now goblin  metal. What separates Goblin metal from other genres and sub areas of metal? NKGKN: The 100% factual and real threat of death at the hands of small, green mischievous creatures motivating the creation of the music is a big part of it. Also, the fact that we created this genre means that we\’re not restricted by anything sound-wise. As a result, we\’ve never had to hold back any creative ideas in fear that it didn\’t fit some kind of preexisting genre mold or scene. Whatever we record and release is inherently Goblin metal just by virtue of us creating it, so it\’s actually quite liberating….despite the fact that we\’re being forced by goblins to create it, of course. TFRR: \”No One Survives\” has gone viral so to say, with an overwhelming number of views online. To what do you attribute this high interest? Also, can you explain the story being told during the video. NKGKN: The high interest is due to the absurd, yet strongly relatable premise. There aren\’t many people (or goblins) out there who haven\’t at one point in their lives a) had a shitty 9-5 job at which they were ridiculed, b) fallen in love with a co-worker, and c) ripped their rival\’s face to shreds in a drunken fury during a birthday party. TFRR: How was your experience working with Jon Lajoie, Kayden Kross and Brandon Dermer? How did it compare to your expectations and what did each contribute to the overall final product? NKGKN: Jon was really down-to-earth and hilarious, and played the part of the bartender. Kayden was cool as well, and much like in her previous work, played the female protagonist of the story. Brandon Dermer wrote and directed the video, and watching him frantically but successfully run such a large crew of people with such strict time constraints (the whole thing had to be shot in 3 days) was both entertaining and impressive. He\’s also a total fanboy of the band and can generally be found drunkenly rocking out in the front row of our shows while singing every lyric.  TFRR: Power is set for release later in August. How will it compare to Stench or Goblin Island and where does the album stand in the overall legacy of Nekrogoblikon? NKGKN: I don\’t want to give away too much, but I will say that power is 1) our best produced and mixed effort to date; 2) less smelly than STENCH and less Island-esque than Goblin Island; and c) more powerful than both STENCH and Goblin Island. In terms of our legacy, power will be forever known as the best Goblin metal release of 2013.