Nashville Pu$$y to Release First \”Best Of\” Album May 12th

\”If there\’s ever been a better band to open for Motorhead, I\’ve not heard them!\”—Lemmy, when asked about NASHVILLE PUSSY Now, there\’s a temptation to let the above quote stand alone and just go to the nearest pub. What can i possibly add to God\’s words? Isn\’t that a sin anyways? Well, while you\’re pondering that predicament here\’s another quote to suck on. \”Seeing NASHVILLE PUSSYis as close to seeing ACDC in the 70\’s as you\’re going to get\”— from The Story Of The Album Highway To Hell by Joe Bonomo For those of you who have been living under a rock, let someone who lives \”for ROCK\” quickly educate you about the best rock band I\’ve ever seen–NASHVILLE PUSSY. In fact a great place to start would be the band\’s brand new cd compilation Ten Years Of Pussy on SPV/Steamhammer. This 22 track monster takes the best studio tracks of the last decade and even throws in a live bonus EP taken from a blistering 2009 show at Nottingham – a show I was privileged to be at! But I must first warn you, Ten Years Of Pussy is the \”ultimate rock n\’ roll party cd!\”- You can quote me on that one. Once you put it on you\’ll be either be dancing, fucking, or fighting. Maybe all at the same time. NASHVILLE PUSSY hail from Atlanta, deep in the heart of \”the BBQ NATION\” and sound like ACDC slap boxing with LYNYRD SKYNYRD while MOTORHEAD watches. Formed by husband and wife guitarists Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys, NASHVILLE PUSSY rose out of the ashes of Cartwright\’s former band NINE POUND HAMMER in 1997. Since then they have played 1,000\’s of gigs in 40 different countries, gathered a GRAMMY nomination, and have toured with; MOTORHEAD, ZZ TOP, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, SLAYER, and a host of other heroes who became instant fans. Ruyter was recently voted one of the best female rock performers ever. Together with human metronome drummer Jeremy Thompson, NASHVILLE PUSSY have tolerated numerous labels, trends and bass players. And, when counted out, have consistently pulled off resurrections that make Jesus look like a rank amateur. The 16 studio tracks from Ten Years Of Pussy are taken from their last few releases, highlighting the band\’s most relevant work of their decade history on label SPV. Up The Dosage (2014), featuring rock solid bassist Bonnie Buitrago, has been called \”NASHVILLE PUSSY\’S BACK IN BLACK\” and was Pick Of The Week on THAT METAL SHOW. From Hell To Texas (2009) was recorded at WILLIE NELSON\’S studio in Texas and featured some of the band\’s strongest songwriting to date. And Get Some (2005), was the first SPV release and the first collaboration with DANIEL REY, and has more hooks than a hillbilly\’s tackle box. And of course the bonus live CD includes the ultimate version of NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS with special guest Ron Heathman from THE SUPERSUCKERS on guitar. But enough history. If you want history check out Wikipedia. This is Rock n\’ Roll! Put on Ten Years Of Pussy and celebrate the band\’s recent past and while looking forward to rocking with them in the near future. I know I\’ll be there!! Ten Years Of Pussy will be released in the USA on May 12th as a 2CD digipak and download through SPV/Steamhammer. TRACK LISTING: CD 1 – Best of 1. Come On Come On 2. Rub It To Death 3. I\’m So High (with Danko Jones) 4. Going Down Swinging 5. Before The Drugs Wear Off 6. Hate And Whisky 7. The South`s Too Fat To Rise Again 8. Pussy Time 9. Til The Meat Falls Of The Bone 10. Pillbilly 11. Why Why Why 12. Up The Dosage 13. Lazy Jesus (with Lemmy) 14. Ain\’t Your Business 15. Good Night For A Heart Attack 16. Stone Cold Down CD 2 – Bonus \”Live in Nottingham\” CD 1. One Way Down 2. Nutbush City Limits (with Ron Heathman) 3. Struttin\’ Cock 4. Late Great USA 5. Go Motherfucker Go 6. You\’re Goin\’ Down