Nail Driven- As Long As We\’re Here

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Indiana-based Christian metal outfit Nail Driven are back with the follow-up to their impressive EP, For Your Entertainment, with their first full-length record, As Long As We’re Here. This record isn’t going to land them on the next big summer festival but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. That’s a far cry from the truth, in fact, it’s outstanding. For Your Entertainment had some rough spots and one track was a drum solo. Frontman Clifford Shane Franklin’s vocals also needed some fine-tuning but it was a great freshman release and put them on the map, which was what you want from an up-and-coming band when it’s all said and done. Enter 2012 and their first LP has exceeded any expectations I could have had (and they were pretty high after a strong EP). The intro track is what captured me and held me hostage with interest. It almost gave a dark (not evil) feeling to the record, which I understand was the goal. Franklin’s vocals have improved immensely and the musical quality is stellar. You can tell Nail Driven really took time to perfect what they started on For Your Entertainment. As Long As We’re Here shows Nail Driven taking us through the depths of their souls to the roots of their faith and back again, they really show what they believe and hold nothing back. Rating: 8/10