Mustach- Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven review

  \"\" By Philip Coon Swedish Grammy-nominated and award-winning hard rock band Mustasch, are set to release their latest studio effort, Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven, in North America February 22 through Metalville Records. Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven is a great hard rock album and will have no problem fitting in with the sounds of rock and metal that comes out of North America. The opening song, “Speed Metal” instantly hooks you in and doesn’t let you go while the next song and first single, “The Challenger,” will get you singing along while putting your horns in the air. Other songs such as “It’s Never Too Late”, and “Cold Heart Mother Son” are intense and have a great hard rock sound. Then you have two songs which are complete opposites in both sound and lyrics. “Morning Star” is a slower rock song, almost a ballad in a sense, with lyrics about doing anything for the woman that you love. “I Don’t Hate You” is a heavier song about not loving someone anymore because of bad things that person has done. This album rocks and to the guys of Mustasch , I salute you! Rating: 10/10