Mushroomhead Enter Billboard Top 200 at # 20, trash Billboard Rock

Mushroomhead\’s new album The Righteous & The Butterfly sold 10,715 its first week and was the band\’s highest Billboard Top 200 album entry at #20.  Additionally, the band debuted at # 1 on Billboard\’s Hard Rock Chart.  But, when the band entered at # 5 on Billboard\’s Rock Chart, the band was flat out \”WTF?\” at how the Rock Chart is compiled with artists such as Passenger being represented as Rock.

\”Either they\’re extremely lazy, or Billboard is simply out of touch with current musical styles.  This rock chart should be more respectful of rock and metal artists, and all artists, period.  Hardworking metal and rock bands don\’t have a chance at the proper recognition they deserve,\” says Skinny ofMushroomhead.

\”Billboard should redo this chart and remove non-rock artists like Tori AmosLorde and others.  It\’s disrespectful to all artists.  Tori Amos?  I own a few of her early records, and I can assure you when I purchased these, they weren\’t filed under \”rock.\”  Lana Del Rey?  Didn\’t she do a dance mix to get a Top 40 hit?  Oh, and she\’s performing at Kanye West\’s wedding toKim Kardashian – how is that \”rock\”?  Even Lorde is annoyed,\” continues Skinny.

Yes, even Lorde is confused by winning Billboard\’s Best Rock Song a few days ago:

\”This is me confused about unwittingly having written best ~rock~ song lol dork,\” said Lorde.  She further illustrated her confusion with this Tumblr post:

Mushroomhead embarks on the Mayhem Festival in July and a new single hits rock radio on May 27 called \”Out Of My Mind.\”