Mummies haunt Fort Wayne\’s Pieres

\"Mummies\" by Reggie Edwards Summoned from the dead, Here Come the Mummies made their way to Fort Wayne, Ind. on March 23 for a night of beyond-the-grave funk that left a sold out crowd dazed with amazement. Making their way to the stage through the crowd as a drumline, The Mummies kicked off the party with a number of funk-infused dance tunes. The crowd couldn’t have been more into it, too, dancing and strutting along to every song. \"Let Props galore, The Mummies rattled the cages of the capacity crowd with chains, a light-up keytar, a tricycle, a Freak Flag, and a gorilla with a cowbell attached to its genitals and who threw bananas into the crowd including bananas he pulled out of bassist The Pole’s pants. These guys are one of the most entertaining groups in music today. Imagine mummies who play funk- like if Soul Train was nothing but mummies- that’s what you get with Here Come the Mummies, but they don’t make it a gimmick- these guys are insanely good. Pieres in Fort Wayne is usually a giant party and tonight was no exception with people of all ages dancing and shaking their groove things in the crowd. There was not one dull moment.