Moooooove Over, It\’s The Dead Milkmen


Every year there is an early fall weekend in Chicago that makes the punk rock kid inside me feel like everything\’s right in the world. That weekend is owned by Riot Fest. With everything that R.F. brings to the table, my favorite part of the weekend are the after shows!  After nearly 25 years of missing The Dead Milkmen live, I finally had the chance to grab the brass ring and  take in their sold out late night offering at one of the newest Chicago hot spots, Heating & Cooling Pub.

The Dead Milkmen treated the Chicago faithful to an energetic two hour, twenty-five plus song trip down memory lane that easily encompassed their eleven release catalog and thirty-two year career. The only downside was that the night had to end.

   Set List

  • Tiny Town 
  • Big Lizard In My Backyard 
  • Punk Rock Girl 
  • Dean\’s Dream 
  • Filet of Sole 
  • Laundromat Song 
  • Punk Rock Girl 
  • I Walk The Thinnest Line 
  • Rocketship 
  • Tacoland 
  • Smokin\’ Banana Peels 
  • If I Had a Gun 
  • Methodist Coloring Book 
  • If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire 
  • Life Is Shit 
  • Stuart 
  • The Thing That Only Eats Hippies 
  • Beach Party Vietnam 
  • Serrated Edge 
  • Nutrition 
  • V.F.W. 
  • Two Feet Off the Ground 
  • Bitchin\’ Camaro 


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