Monster Magnet: Milking The Stars review

Old school psychedelic fuzz rockers Monster Magnet have just released their newest endeavor via Napalm Records entitled Milking the Stars.

It is a re-imagining of the band’s stunning 2013 album Last Patrol with an emphasis on their more psychedelic side. It’s more King Crimson than it is Monster Magnet. Front man Dave Wyndorf described the record as a “Big beefy ball of demented anthems.

The album contains six remixed songs, four new songs, two live tracks and sounds as if it was recorded under the influence of heavy hallucinogenic drugs in the late 60’s.

In fact, the six re-imagined versions are so vastly different from their Last Patrol counterparts that they are practically new songs entirely and the four new tracks are among the finest Wyndorf  has ever written.

It takes mere seconds of opener “Let the Circus Burn” for the room to start to fill with smoke and fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings. Lead single and video “No Paradise for Me” sets the tone and other memorable moments include “Mindless Ones ’68,” “Hallelujah (Fuzz & Swamp),” “I Live Behind the Clouds (Roughed Up & Slightly Spaced),” and “The Duke (Full On Drums & Wah).”

Here’s the bottom line- Whereas many remix albums fall short or miss the mark entirely, Milking the Stars hits the bullseye, delivering in every way, shape and form possible. So curl up with your favorite bong, relax and enjoy.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

-Eric Hunker