Monday Night War: Vol. 2 DVD review

If you grew up watching wrestling in the 90\’s-early 2000\’s, you most likely remember the Monday Night War. You may not remember much of it, may not have understood it or you may remember it all, but one thing\’s for sure- you don\’t remember a time when it was as good as it was then. To celebrate that time in wrestling history, WWE produced a WWE Network mini-series- The Monday Night War and they\’ve started releasing it on DVD since it did so well. Vol. 1 came out earlier this year in the form of a 4-disc set and Vol. 2 is out now in the same format. Vol. 1 showcased a dual interview with Sting and Triple H after each segment and Vol. 2 does the same in the form of commentary from Eric Bischoff- the man responsible for the success of WCW. Vol. 2 of The Monday Night War goes in-depth, showing The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, the rise of The Divas, ECW, WCW bringing in celebrities such as Karl Malone, Dennis Rodman, Jay Leno, David Arquette and more. Bischoff is very candid and very honest after each episode but also still has a lot of that cockiness that helped make WCW so popular in the late 90\’s. He talks about Paul Heyman, the nWo, Vince McMahon and much more, telling his side of things and is a very eye-opening account of how things were seen from the WCW camp. He admits where he went wrong and validates where he made the right calls but is Eric Bischoff as we all remember him. The Monday Night War Part 2 is the perfect way to close out the min-series and does that era complete justice. If you were a fan of wrestling back then or just want a good history lesson, go pick it up now. -Reggie Edwards