Molly D’Ago Releases New Single “Someone Just Like You”

Soaring music sensation Molly D’Ago is set to enchant audiences with her latest single, “Someone Just Like You.” Written by Molly D’Ago and Myles Clayborne (Music), and Molly D’Ago and Alex Rhodes (Lyrics), the track promises a harmonious blend of soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Producer Myles Clayborne and Executive Producer Pepper Gomez brought this musical masterpiece to life, ensuring a seamless fusion of sound that is bound to resonate with listeners. The impeccable vocal engineering is credited to Guido Falivene, while the mastering was expertly handled by Justin Shturtz of Sterling Sound.

“The song ‘Someone Just Like You’ explores the journey of transcending the mirroring tendencies of a narcissist. It conveys the realization that despite all of your efforts, pleasing them is simply impossible because of their own low self-esteem. The lyrics suggest that true happiness for such individuals lies in being with someone who shares similar qualities,” says Molly.

The single is now available for streaming and download.


Meet the extraordinary musician whose journey seamlessly weaves between the realms of rock and law, Molly D’Ago. Her saga began in the gritty yet electrifying world of a garage band called Pacinello during her high school years. The unbridled passion of Pacinello propelled them on a nationwide tour, setting the stage for a musical odyssey.

Transitioning from garage anthems to the grand stages, Molly D’Ago emerged as a hired-gun guitar player, gracing audiences with her remarkable talent. Collaborations with iconic bands like The All-American RejectsPop EvilFrankie Ballard, and more solidified her presence in the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

In a harmonious twist of fate, Molly D’Ago discovered her vocal prowess, adding a new dimension to her artistry. The year 2022 marked a significant milestone as she made her mark on the US Rock Charts, securing the 38th position with the hauntingly beautiful single, “End of the World.”

The narrative took an unexpected turn as Molly D’Agostino pursued a legal education at Syracuse University College of Law while navigating the demanding life of a touring musician. Juggling the complexities of law and music, she emerged not only as a powerhouse on stage but also as a licensed attorney in New York.

The crescendo of Molly’s story reached its zenith when she inked a record deal with Wake Up! Music Rocks. In 2023, the world witnessed her ascend to the pinnacle of success, claiming the #1 spot on the International DRT Chart with the evocative single, “My Sweet Burning Heart.” The global recognition affirmed her as a force to be reckoned with, seamlessly blending legal acumen with musical brilliance.

Now, as Molly unleashes her latest creation, “Someone Just Like You,” anticipation and excitement ripple through the air. This new chapter in her musical saga promises to captivate hearts and minds, solidifying her status as an artist who transcends boundaries and defies expectations.

Molly D’Ago’s story is not merely a melody; it’s a symphony of resilience, talent, and the pursuit of passion in multiple arenas. Her journey underscores the limitless possibilities that unfold when artistry and intellect converge in perfect harmony.