Mire: Inward Outward review

One thing that gets on a lot of critics’ and reviewers’ nerves is the mindset by many metal fans that certain bands are just untouchable. Some bands are- Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath- that’s about it. The list is very short because those bands paved the way for so many others. When a band has a hardcore following, it can be hard to show them that some new bands can hold their own with those bands. Tool and A Perfect Circle are two bands who have some of the most dedicated fan-followings of all time. Telling their fans that a new band is as good or even close to as good as Tool and A Perfect Circle could end badly for you if you cross the wrong ones. However, newcomers Mire should be considered the heirs to the Tool throne with their latest record, Inward Outward is about as close to Tool as you can get without being Tool. Musically and sonically, Mire are spot-on with the psychedelic metal we’ve all become so accustomed to and you’re guaranteed to zone out listening to the record. If you were to get into the right state of mind before listening to the record, you’d be guaranteed a pleasant trip- or a really adventurous one. Vocally, you’d almost think you’re listening to Maynard James Keenan halfway through the record and you’re gonna lose yourself in it if you immerse yourself in the listening experience. Inward Outward is the perfect appetizer to the upcoming Tool album that may or may not get released in the near future and fans who are desperate for something fresh will feel right at home with Mire’s Inward Outward. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards