Mighty WARKINGS announce new album, Revolution

WARKINGS Warriors beware! The mighty kings return to the battlefield, armed with glorious weapons made of pure Heavy Metal – the time for Revolution has come!
The mighty Tribune raises his voice to tell the story of “Spartacus”, the legendary Gladiator who led the major slave uprising against the Roman Empire. Joined by none other than The Lost Lord (a.k.a. Chris Harms) the WARKINGS forged their weapons and call for Revolutionwith yet another uptempo banger that will be stuck in the heads of all warriors forever
The Tribune on “Spartacus”:
“Some call him hero, some call him a rebel…and we tell his story. With the help of the mighty Lost Lord. Die for Spartacus.”
Chris Harms a.k.a The Lost Lord adds:
\”There are moments when I realize that there is a power metal passion slumbering in me that never wanted to fit into any of my bands and projects. I was very grateful when the four gladiators of heavy metal came to me and gave me the chance to refine one of their songs as The Lost Lord. “Spartacus” is a monumental uptempo power machine that I enjoyed immensely. I look forward to performing the song live at some point – with sandals and a helmet, of course!\”
Get ready for Revolution and watch the new video for “Spartacus” HERE:
After their rebirth and the fight against the armies of the underworld, it\’s time for Revolutionunder the flag of the WARKINGS. The four ancient kings, a Roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan, raise the red flag and gather their warriors for the next battle!
The Viking on the new album:
“The time has come, the world needs a Revolution. Raise your banners, fly our colors and join us on our way. We are the fire!”
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1.   We are the Fire
2.   Sparta – Part II
3.   Fight
4.   Spartacus
5.   Kill for the King
6.   Deus lo Vult
7.   Ave Roma
8.   Ragnar
9.   By the Blade