Metallica and Lou Reed- Lulu

by Adrian Muehe When I was told I was going to be reviewing Metallica, my jaw hit the floor. I had no idea Metallica was working on new material. \"\" So I get the copy, expecting some amazingly epic thrash metal album that would blow Death Magnetic out of the water, but instead, I got Lulu. This album was done in collaboration with Lou Reed, who has been around doing music forever. I like some of the stuff he does, but his voice bothers me, but I was thinking \”Hey, this is with Metallica, the greatest metal band of all time! This could be awesome!\” Nope. I attempted to give it one initial listen and barely made it halfway through. The entire album consists of Metallica playing heavy background elevator music, while Lou Reed sings over it in his monotone voice- if you could call it singing. And the lyrics are something else. It seemed to me that Reed just took some random vulgar phrases that he always wanted to say and spit them over Metallica’s music. This has to be the worst thing Metallica has ever done. The monotones of Reeds voice makes it hard to tell which song is which. There were no transitions; the whole album is like one big, horrible song. To be honest after listening to this, I had a new found appreciation for St. Anger, and everyone HATES that album. If you are in the store and come across a copy of Lulu, do yourself a favor, don\’t pick it up. Rating: 4/10