Meldrum- Lifer review

\"\" by Angela Owens Well look what we got here, a heavy metal winner.  Swedish band Meldrum and their latest album, Lifer, not only begins with a bang but also ends with one.   The first song “A Toast to Romance” grabs the listener’s attention with some spoken phrases mainly to do with a word that closely rhymes with punt. The whole album has this great energy and aura about it that stays strong through out the album even considering the bands great loss of their band mate, Michelle Meldrum, who sadly died in 2008 before she saw its release. Lifer is the band’s tribute album to Michelle. Rating: 9/10
  1. The unique, grungy, raspy vocals are a definite highlight. Along with some of their dark lyrics, and a strong head banging musical background that builds up in just the right places, this album was carefully crafted and thought-out, a must-buy for all true metal heads out there.