Matt Hardy hypes tonight\’s Impact broadcast, talks Tag Team Gold Tournament

Impact Wrestling has been growing lately and part of that popularity is that they continue to utilize aspects of wrestling that other promotions ignore- tag team wrestling, the women\’s division, blood, high-risk matches and social media. Looking at their roster, you\’ll see numerous faces you\’ve grown familiar with over the last decade- one of those teams being The Hardy Boys. Composed of brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy, the team is one of the most successful, iconic and decorated tag teams in the history of professional wrestling and tonight they\’ve got a chance to win a championship that\’s eluded them- the TNA Tag Team Championship. Starting with a qualifying match, the brothers have a chance to win the titles in one of the most grueling matches TNA has to offer- an Ultimate X four-way match. Hardy took some time to talk with us about the brothers\’ upcoming title chase on Impact Wrestling: FRR: This is the big week- on Friday\’s Impact Wrestling, you and Jeff are heading to a four-way Ultimate X Match for the TNA Tag Team Titles. You guys have been in almost every time of extreme match and I feel like it\’s kind of your bread and butter. You also have experience in a lot of multi-team matches. So how are you guys feeling going into this week\’s match? Matt Hardy: We\’re very excited. I\’m very excited that Impact Wrestling has the confidence and also the smarts to invest an entire episode of Impact Wrestling an actually tag team wrestling because I think tag team wrestling is great, I think it\’s extremely entertaining and I think if you make tag team wrestling…if you make your division in your promotion important, I think the fans will see it as important, I think it\’ll draw money. I think tag team wrestling can be great, it can be one of the standouts of your television product and this friday night is a big one- we have a lot of great tag teams- myself and Jeff- we\’re taking on James Storm and Khoya- we\’ve had a lot of personal issues with The Revolution. If we beat these guys- and that\’s absolutely the plan to beat these guys- to go onto the Ultimate X Match. So there will be four teams in this Ultimate X Match- myself and Jeff, we\’ve never been in one but we\’ve been in everything else underneath the sun- Ladder Matches, Full Metal Mayhem Matches, TLC Matches, Table Matches, Cage Matches- whatever it may be, so this is right down our alley, no doubt, and we know- myself and Jeff- that if we win this qualifying match and then win the Ultimate X, we put the exclamation point on that statement that The Hardys are back and we are still one of the greatest tag teams in all of wrestling. And to say that after being a team after 22 years is a pretty amazing thing and that\’s how we want this Friday night to end and this thing\’s gonna culminate- by making everyone realize, Oh my god, the Hardys are still tag team elite, they are still good. FRR: You and Jeff have never held the TNA Tag Team Titles. You\’ve held virtually every other title under the sun in every major promotion. So what would it mean to you, Jeff and to your legacy to finally hold this title as well? Matt Hardy: We\’ve been WWE Champions, tag team champions multiple, multiple times, WCW Tag Team Champions and I think whenever we showed back up last June, I think that Jeff and I- especially being a little older at a later stage in our career, and really with both being so grown up and really enjoying the ride of teaming together and still being able to have great matches against The Wolves or against Team 3D or whoever our opponents may be- The Revolution- whoever it is, I think for us, getting back together and having these great matches I think that this Friday, we win that qualifier and go into that Ultimate X and we win the Ultimate X and we become the TNA Tag Team Champions, I think that puts the exclamation on the sentence of \’The Hardys are still one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling.\’ I also think it helps submit our legacy by winning these titles because we haven\’t won them yet but we\’ve held everything. I think, once again, it helps grow and submit our legacy as being one of the greatest tag teams of all time and I think that\’s something we wanna do and something we take a lot of pride in. Impact Wrestling airs Friday nights on Destination America at 9/8c. Make sure you tune in tonight. To listen to the entire interview, stream it in the video below: