Matisyahu Releases Timely New Single “Fireproof”

Matisyahu has released his new single “Fireproof” and announced his forthcoming Hold The Fire EP will be released on Friday, February 2nd“Fireproof” explores the topics of perseverance and gratitude in times of trouble; a theme everyone can relate to, especially with what is currently happening in Israel. Hold The Fire will be released via Matisyahu’s own label Fallen Sparks Records and is centered around the four earth elements, with the first single touching upon Matisyahu’s unwavering ability to keep his artistic fire burningPRESS HERE to listen to “Fireproof.”

“This song is about a dream I had about holding the fire,” shares Matisyahu. “The burning bush in the Torah is how God speaks to Moshe at first. Through a bush on fire that doesn’t consume itself. It became a metaphor for me as an artist and as a Jew. Moshe, the leader of the Jewish Nation, comes from the aspect of water spiritually. Literally, he was drawn from the river by Pharoh’s daughter after the mandate to kill the Jewish male babies. In my dream, I was being burned by fire from a tiger’s eyes but when I looked down at my hand, it was made of water. This aspect of balancing humility with the inner fire is what allows for the continuation of a people. Jews have been slaughtered and kicked around this world since the beginning of time and we have managed to not only survive but thrive, even though every two generations they try and exterminate or cut us down. We come from this ancient place of Fire and Water where we learn to dance through the violence and pave the road for the rest of humanity. Come dance with me. Hold the fire.”

Like only the most gifted storytellers, Matisyahu spins the rare kind of stories that simultaneously enlighten, enthrall, and expand the audience’s sense of possibility. Known for his skill in blending a shapeshifting collision of reggae, hip-hop, alt rock and boldly inventive pop – all while paying homage to his spirituality and roots in Judaism – Matisyahu’s live shows consistently provide audiences with a dynamic and energetic performance full of life and illumination. With more than fifteen years under his belt, he’s teamed up with the best improvisational musicians and artists for jam sessions and collaborations, and his long and winding career consists of seven studio albums including the chart-topping Light (2009), Youth (2006), and Spark Seeker (2012), as well as Akeda (2014), Undercurrent (2017), and Matisyahu (2022), and various live albums including his 2005 breakthrough Live At Stubb’s. This past summer, the New York-raised and New Jersey-based multi-talent released Live In Brooklyn, recorded at the iconic Brooklyn Bowl New York during his annual Festival of Light. Exemplifying his transcendent live show, Live In Brooklyn features renditions of fan-favorites and global hits including the Gold-certified One Day” – whose original version has been streamed over 140 million times on Spotify alone – and the genre-bending, Billboard Hot 100-charting and alt-radio topping breakthrough single King Without A Crown.” The release of “Fireproof” follows Matisyahu’s recent single Ripples, released in September.