Mass Chaos lives up to its name as it makes Fort Wayne its latest victim


by Reggie Edwards

When the Mass Chaos Tour was announced a few months ago, we all knew it was going to live up to that name but we had no idea how amazing it was really going to be until we got there.

I had a chance to catch the Fort Wayne stop of the tour and, let me tell you, a lineup of Halestorm, Staind and Godsmack will make anyone in the pit leave the show tired, sweaty and maybe a little sore and bloody.

The night started off with Halestorm. I made it a goal of mine to see them that night. I had a chance to see them at Rock on the Range 2009, Lazerfest in Iowa 2009 as well as 2010 and missed them all three times. Needless to say, there was no way in Hell that I was going to miss them a fourth time, and they didn\’t let me down.

It wasn\’t long ago they released The Strange Case Of… and they kicked off the night with a few songs from the new record. \”Love Bites,\” \”Mz. Hyde,\” \”I Miss the Misery,\” \”Freak Like Me,\” and \”Rock Show\” all started the night off and rightly so.


Lzzy Hale\’s voice is one that will send chills down your spine and hypnotize you to the point you forget where you are and when it\’s all said and done, you just want more and more.

After Halestorm rocked our faces off, it was time for Staind.

Staind played a great balance of old classics with new favorites for us and they played pretty much everything in their repertoire. Anything from \”Mudshovel\” to \”So Far Away\” to \”Not Again\” to \”Eyes Wide Open,\” you name it, they played it. I don\’t think there\’s an old classic they didn\’t play.  Hell, they even blew us away with \”Spleen.\”


I think the surprise of the night for me, and probably everyone else for this matter, was when Aaron Lewis came on stage alone in the middle of the set and played his number one country hit, \”Country Boy…\” and the crowd (full of inebriated metalheads, mind you) started cheering and singing along!.

Okay, okay, I admit it, I sang along too. How could I not? It\’s a great song.

Next up was the headliner- Godsmack. What a way to end the night.

They didnt\’ start off well, though. They must have been having some technical or sound problems because they were a little off and they just sounded bad on the opener, \”Awake.\”

But they\’re professionals and it didn\’t take very long before they caught their stride and sounded better than ever.

It\’s been two years since they released The Oracle, and they played a few songs from that one but they also played a lot of old favorites too.

They even played Pantera\’s \”Walk\” and Queen\’s \”We Will Rock You,\” during which frontman Sully Erna forgot a few of the words.

The highlight of the night was, of course, the dual drum solo from Erna and drummer Shannon Larkin. This was definitely my favorite part of the night. A good combination of bongos, drums and crowd interaction for a good 15 minutes is the perfect way to engage a crowd.


Throw in \”Whatever\” and \”I Stand Alone\” to wrap up the night and I\’d say Mass Chaos was a huge success for all three bands.  I know I enjoyed it and I can\’t wait to see these guys all again. If you missed it, you missed out. Go see them all when you get a chance!