Masked Intruder: Mishawaka, IN

Mishawaka, In received an early Christmas gift in the form Madison, Wisconsin\’s favorite punk rock criminals, Masked Intruder. Obviously, the extracurricular activities of Intruder Red, Blue, Yellow & Green should probably be  kept on the \”down low\” because if I recall correctly, traveling across state lines while on parole is a crime.   That said, hot on their trail was long time nemesis,  Officer Bradford.

It was evident that this quartet of  Wisconsinites are  unparalleled when it comes more than thievery, although they managed to steal a few ladies hearts and most likely a few pairs of panties along the way too. Masked Intruder also knows the ins and outs of  putting on a punk rock show and if you\’re smart… you\’ll get your ass off the couch and take in everything they have to offer live (okay, maybe not everything) before they get sent back to the slammer!

Opening the show was Dad Jokes, The Distractions & The Lippies

CLICK HERE to see Tonia of The Lippies help out on \”Heart Shaped Guitar\”



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