Marilyn Manson takes the throne in Indy

Marilyn Manson is one of the few artists who can continually reinvent themselves and keep the very essence of what their music is all about. Manson\’s music has evolved significantly over the last few decades yet somehow keeps the fans coming back and, when he made his comeback in 2012 with Born Villain, it was clear he had one thing in mind- world domination once again. This year he released The Pale Emperor, which was another change of pace and took fans back to the days of Mechanical Animals but with a more sinister blues vibe. Shortly after he took to the road on the Hell Not Hallelujah tour and that tour made one of its final stops at Indy\’s Egyptian Room for a night that saw the Antichrist Superstar himself playing a set that included a lot of songs fans had been clamoring for and, after a blazing set from Knee High Fox that was the epitome of fitting for Manson support, Manson took the stage and all hell broke loose. The house lights went down and the stage was filled with so much smoke you couldn\’t see what was going on. Then, as the smoke cleared, Manson was standing center stage, appearing out of nowhere, making him seem even more mysterious. He opened with “Deep Six” from the new record and the crowd was already deafening. Manson was in top form and owned the stage from the very beginning, taking the crowd by the throat and controlling them with every move- like an diabolical puppet master. From there, he blasted into “Disposable Teens” and a set that was mainly classics with the exception of “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” and “No Reflection” from the two latest albums. Watching Manson on this tour is like going back in time. He looked and sounded just as good as he did in the 90\’s and, while the costumes and wardrobe changes weren\’t in effect, the show was just as theatrical in every way. From the dagger microphone to the face paint, Manson was the Manson we\’ve all come to know and love over the years. Vocally, he was right on point and you couldn\’t have asked for more from him. His screams were just as ferocious and vicious as ever and his melodies were just as hauntingly creepy as they always have been- if not more. He even pulled out “Tourniquet,” “Lunchbox” and “Coma White” for the crowd- songs that many hadn\’t seen live in years- if not ever. When it was all said and done, Manson solidified and proved once again exactly why he\’s been at the top of the metal world for as long as he has been and just why fans have taken to him and his music as heavily as they have for so long. At the end of the night, one thing was clear- Marilyn Manson is back and not going anywhere. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Marilyn Manson in Indy/\”]