Manic Drive – Epic

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by: Reggie Edwards Manic Drive is set to release the follow-up to 2009’s Blue, with the outstanding work of Epic. And that’s just what the album is—Epic. Now, this isn’t the type of music I would voluntarily put in my CD player or put on my MP3 player, but this one is impressive and had me moving around a lot. The album, as a whole, is very exciting and combines the sounds from a lot of different artists. Think Newsboys meets Taio Cruz, meets some T-Pain vocals (only at select parts, don’t worry, this is a good album). If there was ever a Christian rock album that makes you want to rave and dance around the room (or car, God forbid), this is definitely it. From the radio hit “Halo” to “Good Times” and so on and so forth, you can’t help but smile throughout the entire Epic experience. If you like the new sound Michael Tait brings to Newsboys, you will absolutely love Manic Drive’s Epic, because they sound a lot alike in a lot of ways. Jam-packed with positive, uplifting Christian lyrics, outstanding vocals, and great instrumentals, this one is a must-have for any fan of contemporary Christian music. Rating: 8/10