Manafest talks about Fighter album

\"\" by Reggie Edwards 2012 saw Christian rapper Chris Greenwood, also known as Manafest, release his latest studio album, Fighter. Manafest has been around for over 10 years now and has evolved from a solo Christian rap artist to a rapper backed by a stellar rock band, which gives his music and stage performances a powerful aura. A few years removed from The Chase, their most successful album to-date, Manafest, as a band, set out to write and record their follow-up, an album that, little did they know at the time, would become their most powerful, deep, emotional and hardest-hitting studio effort thus far. Featuring songs like “Fighter,” “Throw it Away,” “Human” and “Pushover,” Greenwood wanted to put out an album that not just Christians could relate to, but that anyone could relate to. Greenwood, recently sat down with us to talk about the meaning behind the Fighter album, the constantly waning line between Christian and mainstream, his transition from rap to rock, the importance of Christian artists writing songs that even people who don’t have a Christian faith can relate to and much more. The entire interview, one of the more inspirational we’ve done so far, can be heard in its entirety below: Manafest interview: Manafest