\"\" by Reggie Edwards Canadian rapper/singer Manafest’s popularity skyrocketed after 2008’s The Chase, making his latest record, Fighter one of the highest-anticipated releases in Christian music this year. The Chase saw Manafest get really deep with the messages he was trying to put across to the listener and Fighter sees the same but on a much bigger level- by far. From the get-go, the title track says it all- “Down and out, I start to doubt, I hit the ground, I bruise but I won’t break. I’m a fighter.” From the very beginning we see that Manafest is here to make a statement with this release. He keeps the heavy hits coming with virtually every song. With Fighter, Manafest shows us what he believes but more importantly, he shows us he’s not ashamed, he wants to spread the fire he has and he won’t stop until everyone has heard the message. “Pushover” is another, what I would call, “statement song,” much like the title track he opens with- powerful and leaves you breathless. “Throw It Away” is an in-your-face song that talks about the party-lifestyle a lot of people lead and discusses the corruption in society nowadays. “Wasted, faded, how did we get so jaded?” It’s definitely clear Manafest wants us to think about a lot with this album. Then there are songs like “Never Let You Go,” which is one of the only soft songs on the album, but it’s only instrumentally soft. Much like the rest of the album, this song carries a strong  message and is one that anyone who’s having a hard time with anything in life can use as a motivator and a pick-me-up. Any fan of Manafest, especially those who have been following him since the early days of Citizens Activ and Epiphany, like I have, will probably find this to be their favorite. All-in-all, Fighter is a home run for Manafest…or maybe I should say it’s a knockout. Rating: 9/10