Madonna: Rebel Heart review

This month, Madonna finally released her highly anticipated album, Rebel Heart and it does not disappoint. The record has just the right amount of variety to keep fans interested and on their toes. Songs such as “Iconic,” featuring Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson as well as “Bitch I’m Madonna,”featuring Nicki Minaj are dance worthy and empowering while “Joan of Arc” and “Ghosttown” are beautiful ballads in which Madonna shows her vulnerable side with honest lyrics and a soft voice. The fearless vocalist even takes on a certain infamous secret society in the aptly titled song “Illuminati.” In it she explains what the Illuminati is and isn’t, singing, “It’s the enlightenment that started it all/The founding fathers wrote it down on a wall/And now the media’s misleading us/Turn right into wrong.” Madonna also uses this album to embrace her history and her place in the music industry, especially in “Veni Vidi Vici” where she celebrates her career up to its current status. Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper Madonna creation without a few sexy songs with racy lyrics, such as “S.E.X.” and “Holy Water.” So, if you have been at all hesitant about buying this album up until now, have no fear. Madonna delivers a simultaneously complex, introspective, fun, and sexy album that won’t let you down. Rating 10/10 -Nicole Cooper