Madlife: 21st Century Megalomaniac review

\"21stWith industrial-influenced metal making a bit of a comeback lately, Madlife are the latest band to utilize the popularity of the genre. Their latest record, 21st Century Megalomaniac shows serious influence and the band channeling some of their serious roots. Sonically, as far as a smaller national band goes, this is a decent record- the industrial and electronic sounds ring Powerman 5000 and it doesn’t take long to really feel it when listening. Lyrically, there’s not a lot of special stuff here- it’s nothing new and nothing really groundbreaking- that doesn’t mean it’s a bad album though or that the band isn’t talented. Overall, this is a strong record from Madlife and they obviously poured a lot into making it and to tear it down would be massive disrespect to the band. These guys are talented and they know how to put together a rock album that will really flow through your veins and get you moving without much trouble. Madlife are definitely on their way to being big and could be a regular of some of the major festivals before too long and if they really hone in on their songwriting, they can go far. Rating: 7.5/10 -Reggie Edwards