Machine Head – Unto the Locust

\"Unto \"\"
by: Jerad Ford Machine Head\’s Unto the Locust is an album of organized chaos. The music bounces from one extreme to another without warning. One second you have a guitar battle to the death then suddenly, death, and a little bass and drums and so forth. Musically, the album goes off in many directions at once throughout the majority of it. However, it magically fits together like a puzzle of a sad clown. Machine Head jam out on songs like, \”This is the end,\” where they jump from a hardcore boogie down to an ultra-violent thrash effortlessly and the vocals on this album are great whether heavy and growling or the lighter ballad style. \”Free them from all of the scars and the sins, lest we dwell on the darkness within?\” (“Darkness Within,” track five), is a perfect example of how listeners will find deep lyrics on this record. The opening song, “I Am Hell,” a three-piece song, throws a curveball to say the least. Starting out sounding like a possessed choir, then shortly reminiscent of an early 90\’s Ministry, only to smack your adrenaline receptors with a sledgehammer and twisting you into unique realms of metalness. “Who We Are” will be an instant anthem for fans, being a track that draws the fan closer to the band with chanting lyrics that are easily relatable. I suspect this to be a very interactive song at shows. All this being said, Unto the Locust is a solid piece of work for the San Fran rockers, and will leave their fans more than satisfied. Rating: 7/10