Lynam: Halfway to Hell review

Often times it’s the bands that fly under the radar that stand out the most. In the mainstream popular rock and metal world, so many artists sound alike and it’s hard to find something new and fresh. Lynam may be one of those bands who fly under your radar who, when you hear them, will make your jaw drop and force you to wonder where you’ve been and why you haven’t heard them already. Their latest release, Halfway to Hell, will do just that. Their first release since 2010’s live Thank You Goodnight and first studio effort since 2009’s Tragic City Symphony, Halfway to Hell sees the return of original bassist Mark Dzier. From the onset of opening track, “Rise Up,” the guitar-heavy rock is there and it’s not going anywhere. Halfway to Hell is a hard-hitting, guitar-infused, six-song rock party that leaves you wanting more. Tracks like the title track, “Store Bought Halo” and closer “Wrong Side of the Grave” are in-your-face rock anthems that are reminiscent of something you’d hear from Lynam’s label mates Bobaflex. Overall, Lynam’s Halfway to Hell record is one of the best released this year. It’s everything rock and roll is all about and should be a must-have on any rock fans’ list and cd player. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards