LYDIA CAN\’T BREATHE Release New Single \”Please Be Over\”

Lydia Can\’t Breathe\’s “Please Be Over” was recorded and produced by Andrew Wade and Andy Karpovck at The Audio Compound in Orlando,FL. They are the same producers that worked with Motionless in White, Attila, and A Day To Remember.

Lead singer, Kyle Bolduc recalls, “We wrote the song last minute in the studio. It was the last song we tracked during these sessions. I received a call, so we took a short break from tracking. My friend called me hysterically saying that his longtime girlfriend had broken up with him and that he wanted to kill himself. After about 30 minutes of talking him down, I returned to the session.”

Kyle said he had an idea for the last song. He presented a song basically about the breakup of a couple that has committed unforgivable actions and still love each other but cant stay together.

\”We hashed it out and tracked a rough idea then laid down the final version the next day! The band thought this was one of the better songs of the batch and decided to do a music video for it. We teamed up with Marlin Sorrentino and Kal Visuals to create this epic visual for fans. We actually blow up a car during one scenes in the video. The fire from the blaze was as tall as a 2 story house! It\’s the craziest thing that the Lydia Can\’t Breathe team has achieved in a video shoot… so far.\”

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