Lullwater review

When you see the name Lullwater you may automatically think of southern rock but you’d be sorely mistaken. There’s so much more to Lullwater than based on their name- as it usually is with good bands. There’s nothing remotely southern about them- rather, they’re in the vein of bands like Foo Fighters and Puddle of Mudd. The band’s latest record, self-titled, opens up with “Oddine,” which has a very strong Foo Fighters influence- if Foo Fighters were fronted by Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin and kicks right into “New Design” which has a rhythm very reminiscent of Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” if it were sung by Smile Empty Soul’s Sean Danielson with a very subtle Bush presence. With infectious riffs and hooks, Lullwater will make any 90’s rock fan very happy and is exactly what the rock world needs. The vast majority of the record would be perfect for some highway driving or roadtripping through the Midwest with the windows down and the music at full-blast as “Albatross” has a kick-off that will remind you of Black Stone Cherry’s “Blind Man” and “Get a Life” will take you back to the grunge era with a vaguely similar sound to Nirvana’s “In Bloom.” Lullwater is the perfect band for fans of Smile Empty Soul, early Staind, early Bush, Seether, and other bands who broke big in that time period. There’s no doubt Lullwater will do very, very well in their career with a record like this one. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards