Lucky Boys Confusion tear up The Canopy Club

\"LBC\" by Philip Coon Chicago-area Lucky Boys Confusion [LBC] were established in 1997, signed to major label Elektra Records in 2000, and released two full length albums- Throwing The Game and Commitment. After leaving Elektra in 2004, the band released How to Get Out Alive and Closing Arguments through their own label, Townstyle Records. On March 30, LBC made their annual spring stop at The Canopy Club in Urbana, Ill. With Three Chicago area bands opening for LBC. The Tens were the first band to start the show, the four piece band wore matching outfits, white dress shirts, black tie and black dress pants. They played a short set, music consisting of a mix of blues and 1950’s style rock and roll. The Tens had high energy and did everything they could to get the crowd pumped for the night’s festivities. Next up was Big Wig Mechanic, they performed a reggae set that got the crowd dancing to the music. They even played the well-known song “Day-Oh (The Banana Boat Song),”which was featured in the movie Beetlejuice. Third to play was Chasing Mars, an alternative rock band that sounds reminiscent to the band 30 Seconds to Mars. They put on a good show for the audience and advertised their new CD so they can make enough money for gas to get home. Finally, Lucky Boys Confusion was next to perform. This was my eighth time seeing them live and I have to say that this was their best performance to date. Seeming energized and primed to put on a great show for the loyal audience, LBC performed classics such as “Bossman,” “Hey Driver,” “Fred Astaire,” “City Lights,” and “Atari.” They also performed an acoustic version of “Mr. Wilmington” and, of course, the last song of the night was a cover of Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” Lucky Boys Confusion are a band that always put their heart and soul into the music and get the crowd involved by singing, dancing, and mosh pitting. In return fans always show their support to the band by yelling out LBC in unison, singing the songs and even buying the band members drinks, which happened quite a few times during the show.