Lucid Skies: Hounds EP review

Gone are the days of bands like Pantera or Hatebreed emerging with a chance of breaking it big. If you think that’s true then you obviously haven’t heard Canada-based Lucid Skies. They may not be an internationally known band but their latest offering, EP Hounds, will breathe fresh air into the lungs of any hardcore or old school punk fan. A mere four songs, Hounds is nothing to take lightly and nothing to scoff at. From the opening seconds of “Shotgun Mouth” it’s clear who their influences are. “Left Hook” and “With Eyes” may just be some of the most brutal stuff to come out of Canada since Nickelback- but this is a good kind of brutal- you know, the kind that makes you want to pit and find the closest wall of death and throw some punches in a fit of metal-induced glorified rage. After closer “Count Me Out,” you’ll want more brutality and violence so urgently that, instead of moving on to the next band, you’ll want to just start Hounds from the beginning again and go through the entire EP time and time again. Go pick up Hounds NOW! After that go see Lucid Skies live because, not only is it important and vital that we support live metal, you’ll want to hear this EP in person- you know we do. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards