Love and Death- Betwen Here and Lost review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Love and Death are set to release their major label debut on January 22 with Between Here and Lost (Tooth and Nail), an album which picks up where their Chemicals EP left off and will blow fans’ minds. Between Here and Lost is a theme for anyone, not just Christians, who struggle with identity, depression, addiction and other life struggles but the album\’s lyrics also tell of hope that can be found through the dark times. Fronted by ex-KoRn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, this is a record any metalhead or hard rock connoisseur needs to check out. Kicking off with “The Abandoning,” it’s clear from the get-go that Love and Death are determined to make a statement and make their presence felt in the metal community. Welch’s first studio album, Save Me From Myself, used many experimental elements and was very different from his past work. However Between Here and Lost, is pure, hard, adrenaline-surging metal while still keeping the personal feel of the previous album. Besides the metal cover of Devo’s “Whip It,” “Chemicals,” and “Paralyzed,” there’s “I W8 4U,” featuring For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery, a Christian metal dream collaboration if there ever was one. Overall this is an amazing album. Well produced, well written, an all-in-all homerun for Welch and Love and Death. Rating: 9/10