Lordi- To Beast or Not to Beast review

\"To by Phillip Coon Finnish metal band Lordi is set to unleash their sixth studio album To Beast or Not to Beast, March 1. With the new album release comes some changes within the band. Lordi recently announced two lineup changes- a new drummer named Mana and a new keyboardist named Hella. With the new lineup changes and ever-creepy-looking costumes, Lordi bring back their familiar hard rock sound with this album. Hard rock guitar riffs and gothic sounds from the keyboard are in abundance on the songs “We’re Not Bad For the Kids (We’re Worse),” “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and “Horrification” Lordi even have a tongue in cheek song titled “I’m The Best,” proclaiming they know who and what they are and they are the best. To Beast or Not To Beast shows what Lordi can do best, which is provide a hard rock sound that fans of GWAR and even KISS will enjoy.