Lordi: Scare Force One review

After a year’s wait, Finnish horror metal gods Lordi are back with Scare Force One­- their follow up to 2013’s To Beast or Not to Beast, and blows the latter out of the water.

Lordi are known best for being another masked metal band, but below that appearance lies some of the best plays on words for song titles as well as infectious guitars and anthemic choruses. They may very well be one of the more underrated and unappreciated bands in metal today.

With Scare Force One, they take the aforementioned to another level and offer up some of the strongest material of their career.

With song titles that include “Scare Force One,” “Hell Sent in the Clowns,” \”Nailed By the Hammer of Frankenstein,\” “House of Ghosts,” “Monster is My Name,” “Cadaver Lover” and “Sir Mr. Presideath, Sir,” what’s not to love. It basically gives you a chance to have Halloween year round.

“House of Ghosts,” “Hell Sent in the Clowns,” “The United Rocking Dead,” “Sir Mr. Presideath, Sir” and the title track can all be added to the ranks of Lordi metal anthems and should become live staples before too long.

The lyricism is some impressive work thanks to frontman Mr. Lordi and shows his creativity is far from dwindling after all these years- if anything it’s getting stronger. You can close your eyes and just picture a cavalcade of fans singing at the top of their lungs, packing the arenas when you listen to these songs.

When it comes down to it all, Lori have accomplished a lot with Scare Force One. They’ve most importantly solidified themselves as a band who should be in the upper echelon of European metal bands.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards