LORD OF THE LOST & Heaven Can Wait Choir to Release New Official Video for “We Were Young”

Dark Metal sensation LORD OF THE LOST just released a new official video for “We Were Young” featuring Heaven Can Wait Choir, cut from their latest classical ensemble album Swan Songs III. The heart-wrenching version includes intimate reminiscences from Chris Harms’ childhood and showcases a touching new facet of their bold universe. Told through genuine memories and clearly narrated through the style of a vintage Super8 camera, the audiovisual symbolizes the most personal output to date. The outstanding band proves once again that the greatest inspiration and the best director is life itself. \”With the new video for \’We Were Young\’ I would like to say thank you to my parents. The video is a reflection of my happy childhood, thanks to them, which paved the way for me to become who I am today. The video shows real Super8 film footage from my birth in 1980 until 1994, when the magnetic tape slowly replaced the celluloid. In the credits of the video you can see the time before my birth, which my parents have captured on film for themselves since 1967. The director of this video was life itself and it shows here an origin story that could not have been more personal\”. – Chris Harms
Watch the new official video for “We Were Young” HERE:
The one-off version of \”We Were Young\”, off their latest album, was created in cooperation with the senior choir Heaven Can Wait. The whole story, a lot of background details and many impressive shots can still be seen on the official ZDF Doku HERE and within the heart-wrenching live version HERE! Swan Songs III, the long-awaited successor to Swan Songs II, was released via Napalm Records on August 7, 2020. The standard version of the album consists of new songs, all recorded with The Lord Of The Lost-Ensemble, and brand new versions of a hand-picked selection of LORD OF THE LOST classics, including the standout 18-minute-long song “Letters To Home”. For all Dark Metal connoisseurs, Swan Songs III comes with a high-quality deluxe box, including instrumental Swan Symphonies III-versions of all songs and previously unreleased demo versions of eight new songs. As a special bonus, there is a full live set, recorded at their 10th anniversary show in 2019 in their hometown Hamburg. All that can be found on seven CDs! Swan Songs III is available in multiple formats, including a high-gloss Earbook, a box set and a 2LP Gatefold Vinyl. The album represents a gift to all music fans and marks another highlight in LORD OF THE LOST\’s musical career.
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Swan Songs III is available in the following formats: – Digital Album – 2 CD Digipak (Swan Songs III CD 1 & 2) – 2 LP Vinyl Black (Swan Songs III CD 1 ONLY) – Earbook (Swan Songs III CD 1 & 2 + Swan Songs Demos) – strictly limited to 300 copies – SOLD OUT – Box (Earbook + Swan Songs III CD 1 & 2, Swan Songs Demos, Swan Symphonies (2 CD Instrumental Versions) + Opus X (2 CD Live concert)) – strictly limited to 500 copies – SOLD OUT Tracklist Swan Songs III CD1: 1. A Splintered Mind 2. A One Ton Heart 3. Dying On The Moon (feat. Joy Frost) 4. Zunya 5. Unfeel 6. Deathless 7. Agape 8. Hurt Again 9. Amber 10. We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir) 11. 4’33” 12. Dying On The Moon (Joyless Version) 13. We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir – ZDF Version) Tracklist Swan Songs III CD2: 1. Loreley (Swan Songs III Version) 2. Morgana (Swan Songs III Version) 3. Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version) 4. Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version) 5. In Silence (Swan Songs III Version) 6. Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version) 7. My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version) 8. Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version) Tracklist Swan Symphonies III CD1: 1. A Splintered Mind (Swan Symphonies III Version) 2. A One Ton Heart (Swan Symphonies III Version) 3. Dying On The Moon (Swan Symphonies III Version) 4. Zunya (Swan Symphonies III Version) 5. Unfeel (Swan Symphonies III Version) 6. Deathless (Swan Symphonies III Version) 7. Agape (Swan Symphonies III Version) 8. Hurt Again (Swan Symphonies III Version) 9. Amber (Swan Symphonies III Version) 10. We Were Young (Swan Symphonies III Version) Tracklist Swan Symphonies III CD2: 1. Loreley (Swan Symphonies III Version) 2. Morgana (Swan Symphonies III Version) 3. Black Halo (Swan Symphonies III Version) 4. Cut Me Out (Swan Symphonies III Version) 5. In Silence (Swan Symphonies III Version) 6. Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Symphonies III Version) 7. My Heart Is Black (Swan Symphonies III Version) 8. Letters To Home (Swan Symphonies III Version) Tracklist Swan Songs Demos: 1. A Splintered Mind (Demo) 2. A One Ton Heart (Demo) 3. Dying On The Moon (Demo) 4. Zunya (Demo) 5. Unfeel (Demo) 6. Hurt Again (Demo) 7. Amber (Demo) 8. We Were Young (Demo) Tracklist Opus X CD1: 1. Lament For The Condemned (Live In Hamburg 2019) 2. Morgana (Live In Hamburg 2019) 3. Prison (Live In Hamburg 2019) 4. Sex On Legs (Live In Hamburg 2019) 5. I.D.G.A.F. (Live In Hamburg 2019) 6. Die Tomorrow (Live In Hamburg 2019) 7. Black Lolita (Live In Hamburg 2019) 8. Dry The Rain (Live In Hamburg 2019) 9. One Day Everything Will Be Okay (Live In Hamburg 2019) 10. Credo (Live In Hamburg 2019) Tracklist Opus X CD2: 1. Raining Stars (Live In Hamburg 2019) 2. Full Metal Whore (Live In Hamburg 2019) 3. Loreley (Live In Hamburg 2019) 4. Voodoo Doll (Live In Hamburg 2019) 5. Forevermore (Live In Hamburg 2019) 6. Blood For Blood (Live In Hamburg 2019) 7. Six Feet Underground (Live In Hamburg 2019) 8. La Bomba (Live In Hamburg 2019) 9. Trisma (Live In Hamburg 2019) 10. Drag Me To Hell (Live In Hamburg 2019) Catch LORD OF THE LOST live on stage on their Ensemble Tour 2021: w/ Rain Diary 07.04.21 DE – Hamburg / Friedrich-Ebert-Halle 08.04.21 DE – Mainz / Kurfürstliches Schloss 09.04.21 DE – Wuppertal / Historische Stadthalle 10.04.21 DE – Munich / Alte Kongresshalle 11.04.21 DE – Berlin / Huxleys