Lord Dying: Summon the Faithless review

\"SummonLord Dying is a thrash band from Portland OR that defines doom music.  Right off the bat their new album Summon the Faithless opens with those thick meaty guitar parts that start your adrenalin pumping.  The crazy drum beats will make it hard for you to sit still and aggressive vocals will have you feeling the music in no time. The musicianship of this album is decent.  Unlike some thrash metal bands they blend simple and complex parts perfect so that your ears are not struggling to decipher what is going on in the songs.  The recording quality is fantastic- nothing sticks out and the screams aren’t over mixed. The vocalist has definitely got power in his screams and clean vocals. It almost matches the tones of the guitars which causes a unique synergy throughout the songs.  The guitars are complex but not overdone and really bring the songs to life.  The base is powerful and driving along with the drums making you wants to get up and mosh. The downside to this album is that the songs lacked in variety.  After the first few songs they all started to sound the same.  Regardless they we’re all well written songs with creative uses of each instrument.  Overall if you are a thrash metal lover then this album is one worth listening to. Rating 5/10 -Kelly Keating