Living Sacrifice: Ghost Thief review

\"GhostIn the vast history of metal, there are very few bands we can credit as being trailblazers and setting the stage for the future of their genre. When it comes to the world of Christian metal, a few bands come to mind but Living Sacrifice is on the forefront of that category. Living Sacrifice, emerging in the early 90’s, set the stage for virtually any Christian band to venture into the world of thrash metal and death metal. After a hiatus in the early 2000’s the band returned with The Infinite Order in 2010 and it was clear the band had retaken the thrown of Christian metal. Their latest record, Ghost Thief, follows the already-brutally stellar catalog and adds to the legendary legacy of Living Sacrifice. Right away we’re blasted away with “Screwtape” which features Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark- a pairing made in metal heaven and it’s clear we’re in for the epitome of a Living Sacrifice album. After this we’re introduced to the title track “Ghost Thief,” “Straw Man,” “The Reaping” and “Sudden,” which keep the intensity going and take it up not just a notch but turn it up to max and keep going. With Ghost Thief, Living Sacrifice have kept the tradition alive and show they still have it after all these years. It’s clear why they’re considered the godfathers of Christian metal and they’ve more than solidified themselves into that position for eternity. With the vast discography Living Sacrifice have put out over the years it’s impossible to say this is the best record they’ve ever done but it’s definitely up near the top for them. With the members’ commitments in life changing as they all have families now, don’t look for a huge tour for this record but, hey, that could mean more new material coming sooner than later, which, if Ghost Thief is any sign of what’s to come, there’s still a lot of life in this band- thank God. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards Living Sacrifice singer Bruce Fitzhugh recently took time out of his Halloween afternoon to speak with The Front Row Report about  Ghost Thief. The interview can be streamed in its entirety below: