Live: White Mystery

On the third weekend in April of 2016, Chicago was host to the 8th annual and aptly named Chicago International Film and Music Festival.  As part of the festival, Emporium Arcade Bar in Wicker Park played host to Chicago’s favorite Brother/Sister duo, White Mystery.  D.I.Y. devotees, Miss Alex (guitar/vocals) & Francis Scott Key White re-purposed the CIMMFEST event and turned it into a hometown record release party for their 6th  full length release “Outta Control”. (Buy It Here) Rounding out the event were NYC’s Dirty Fences, Chicago’s Lifestyles & Providence, RI’s Atlantic Thrills. For the record, if you missed this show….. YOU FUCKED UP!  Click the links for future dates, get off the couch and go support these amazing bands.   [lg_slideshow folder=\”White Mystery in Chicago/White Mystery/\”][lg_slideshow folder=\”White Mystery in Chicago/Dirty Fences/\”][lg_slideshow folder=\”White Mystery in Chicago/Lifestyles/\”][lg_slideshow folder=\”White Mystery in Chicago/Atlantic Thrills/\”]