Live: Wage War in Silver Spring

Wage War is currently out on the Manic tour, bringing along with them Nothing, Nowhere and Spite. The tour made a stop at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md. and, with the line of fans wrapped around the block, the energy was off the charts just walking into the venue.  Spite opened the night with an absolutely killer set. If this was your first time catching this band, their energy and crowd response was beyond unbelievable. A good majority of the crowd were keeping up with vocalist Darius Tehrani for the whole set and the moshing was in full swing. It was pleasantly surprising how fun they were to watch on stage, seeming to have just as much fun as the crowd which is so important during live performances.  Next up was Nothing, Nowhere. The style of music was definitely a change of pace from the opening band but the crowd was electric during the performance. The passion he reflected on stage seemed to truly resonate with the fans. Playing mostly songs off of the most recent release, Void Eternal, Nothing, Nowhere is definitely a set to catch.  Finally it was time for Wage War. By this point of the night you could barely walk through the venue due to the amount of people waiting to throw down for them.  Opening with “Relapse,” the crowd was absolutely insane. Between the crowd surfers and the mosh pits, fans were having the time of their lives during their set. They went on to play a good mix of older and current songs such as “Low,” “Indestructible,” “High Horse” and “Gravity.” If you have a chance to catch this tour it’s highly recommended. Each band brings a different energy and different vibes.  -Tera Ford