Live: Trivium in Baltimore

With the success of their 2017 release The Sin and the Sentence, Trivium has been unstoppable over the last year. They recently teamed up with Avatar and Light The Torch for a North American Fall tour that they say will be the last major tour they do this year supporting the album. Luckily, we were able to catch the tour at Rams Head Live in Baltimore Maryland.

Light the torch opened up the night. They played all of their hits off of their latest record Revival, including “Calm Before the Storm”, “The Safety of Disbelief” and crowd favorite “Die Alone.” They also played some older favorites from their album They Bleed Red when they were known under the name Devil You Know such as “Consume the Damned” and my personal favorite “The Way We Die.”

Frontman Howard Jones took a few minutes out of the set to talk to the crowd and make a few jokes that really got them fired up. Their set was overall phenomenal and it was really awesome to hear material off of their newest album played live.

Avatar is one of the most fascinating live bands out there today. Not only are they wildly entertaining but the passion they have for the music and their fans is unreal. They opened their set with “A Statue of the King” and continued with their hit “Hail the Apocalypse.” Halfway through the first few songs frontman Johannes took a few minutes to address their fans and it was honestly pretty hard to hear him over the screaming.

They seriously have one of the most loyal fan bases I have ever seen. They wrapped up their set with “Smells Like A Freakshow” and the entire venue was singing a long.

Finally it was time for Trivium. A few minutes before their set the venue went dark and Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden started blasting through the speakers which sparked a massive sing a long. When the guys ran out stage and started playing “Betrayer” the entire venue erupted.

While their tour is mainly focused around The Sin and the Sentence they still played songs from their other albums such as “Until the World Goes Cold” and “Strife.” During the show the crowd was absolutely nuts with crowd surfers coming from every which way and a pretty good sized mosh pit.

It was really cool to see vocalist Matt actually stop the show for a second to point out that a fan had dropped his phone in the pit after crowd surfing. He signaled to security to hand it to him and proceeded to read a text message out loud to help find the owner. The fan was reunited with his phone and it was a pretty cool moment from the night.

They went on to play “The Wretchedness Inside” which is one of their singles from the new album and it was amazing, definitely one song that was meant to be played live. Trivium has always been one of the biggest bands in the industry and it’s awesome to see their progression in this newest album played.The fans loved it and it was truly an amazing night.

-Tera Ford

Light The Torch