Live: Texas Hippie Coalition in Warrendale

The evening of Sunday May 13 was a really foggy night in Warrendale, Penn. It was also the night when Texas Hippie Coalition, Kobra And The Lotus, Brand Of Julez and Granny 4 Barrel were in town to rock your asses off. It was four bands, each with distinctive personalities who were all set to lay it down. Granny 4 Barrel opened the night and let me tell you, they were really good. From the guy playing an old woman while singing, to the mad butcher playing the guitar or the violinist (yes that’s right…a violin) dressed as on old street performer there was a ton of shit going on and it was all done to some really freaky metal. Kudos, gentlemen- a job very well done. Next up were Brand Of Julez and they presented a set of killer hard rock that really got the crowd going. They fed off the energy the crowd was putting out and amped it up by 100. They tore through song after song of amazing hard rock with each song getting better than the last. They sounded positively amazing. Keep your eye on these guys I expect big things in their future. The time had come for Kobra And The Lotus and they were so worth the wait. They hit the ground running and blasted out of the gate with their own brand of non-stop rock and roll. The band members exhibited each of their instruments like the seasoned pros but, it was next to impossible to take your eyes off their out of this world lead vocalist. She might be tiny, but she has the voice of the gods. The band ripped through song after song, playing each one better than the last building to the point of no return. As I said all eyes were on their amazing vocalist. She covered every inch of the stage, all of her movements were deliberate and with a sense of purpose. That purpose was to lift you up and rock you to your very core, which she did with the greatest of ease. They closed their set with an absolutely stunning version of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. At last it was time for the headliner Texas Hippie Coalition, the no holds barred, straight up, no chaser good old boys from way down under. The band is very young with the exception of Big Daddy Rich, who is smoother than a double aged southern whiskey. This young band played as if their lives depended on it, fully rocking their ass off. The players may have been young, but they rocked out like seasoned vets as if there was no tomorrow. Big Daddy held the crowd in the palm of his hand and his bidding was law. He was as calm as a gunfighter about to throw down at any moment. I don’t know which was better the show or the little stories he spun. Every story was funnier than the last one. It was as if we got a stand-up comedian along with one of the best voices in a generation. His stories did have a reoccurring theme though, that theme was smoking the almighty gonga. It was a reoccurring theme that he spoke of with such enthusiasm. He was all too happy to tell stories about weed. Most of which were extremely funny and some really hit home. If there is ever a weed ambassador…I nominate Big Daddy Rich. He was never in a rush either, preferring to, play it by ear and see how it goes. He was happiest right before he ended the night with their anthem “Pissed Off And Mad About It.” All that was left was to wish everyone a good night as they set out on their way home. -Eric Hunker Brand of Julez Granny 4 Barrel Kobra and The Lotus Texas Hippie Coalition