Live: Testament, Sepultura and Prong in Baltimore

Testament is currently out on tour supporting their most recent album Brotherhood of the Snake bringing with them Sepultura and Prong. With each band being a force on their own, bringing them together makes for one hell of a show. They made a stop at Rams Head Live in Baltimore MD and of course we couldn\’t miss it. If you have never seen Prong live then you\’re missing out. They are 3 guys that get up there with no smoke, no bells and whistles just pure metal and passion for what they do. The crowd absolutely loved every second of their set playing songs such as “Cut and Dry” and of course “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”. Sepultura is another band to add to your “must see” list. During the set vocalist Derrick Green does this insane drum bit that gets the crowd super pumped up and is honestly pretty impressive. Of course they played “Roots Bloody Roots” which definitely rocked the venue. They also played “Choke” and “I Am The Enemy”. It\’s always a good time when Testament hits the stage. Vocalist Chuck Billy is always just as into the crowd as they are into him which makes for a more genuine experience. They played a good mix of songs considering this tour is to promote Brotherhood of The Snake, including “Stronghold” and of course “Brotherhood of The Snake” but they also dipped into their older stuff like “Into The Pit”, “Throne of Thorns” and “Low”. Halfway through the set Chuck Billy took a moment to speak out about Standing Rock, putting emphasis the importance of unity which resonated well with the audience and was pretty powerful. There is no way to go wrong when any of these bands share the stage for a night. This tour was a blast and brings a lot of different people together, which is ultimately what metal is all about. -Tera Ford \"Click \"Click