Live: Ten Years In The Black Tour

   \"unnamed-7\"Sumerian Records has pulled out their best of the best for the . This tour gained a lot of notice the fact that Asking Alexandria brought back vocalist Danny Warsnop. But for me that wasn\’t the highlight of the tour in the least. With 6 bands and an awesome venue, it was one hell of a night. I got to catch the tour at Rams Head Live in Baltimore Maryland.

  Opening the show was Bad Omens, but with the way they completely took over the and the crowd the opening part didn\’t seem to matter. After hearing their single “The Worst in Me” on the radio over the last few weeks and loving it, I was so over the moon to hear it live. Vocalist Noah Sebastian is absolutely mesmerizing on stage and his vocals are top notch. Definitely one of those bands that sound exactly the same on a record as they do live which is always what fans want. If people at the show were not fans before tonight, there is no way they aren\’t now. I will be catching these guys for sure the next time they come to town.

 Upon a Burning Body followed Bad Omens killer performance opening with their newest single “till the break of dawn” and absolutely tore the house down. Any time you see Upon a Burning Body it\’s a good time and a party pretty much. Definitely a highlight of the show for me. I See Stars and Born of Osiris felt a little half mast to me, but it was full of energy and the crowd was really into it. It has also been about 7 years since I saw either of them so maybe that\’s just me. After the Burial absolutely killed their set. They came out, sounded absolutely fantastic played some old stuff that really took me back and just really pumped the crowd for Asking Alexandria. Now this is my second time seeing Asking Alexandria with Warsnop and honestly it seemed a bit off. I understand they are trying to find their groove together again and don\’t get me wrong the performance was really tight and done well considering the crowd loved every minute of it. I just felt like something was off. Danny\’s vocals were on point the whole night and the rest of the band was a ball of energy.

Either way you spin it this tour has something for everyone. Sumerian definitely had the perfect lineup on this one. I cannot stress enough how surprised I was by Bad Omens though. They\’re coming out of left field and kicking some serious ass on the tour. This isn\’t one to miss so catch the nearest date to you!!

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