Live: Tech N9ne in Baltimore

Tech N9ne recently returned to Baltimore Maryland for his Independent Grind tour bringing along with him Xavier James, Billy Lyve, Futuristic, Dizzy Wright and of course Krizz Kaliko. Even though the show was on a Monday night fans still came out in full force to support their favorite artists of the night. Xavier James opened the night with a quick but to the point set that led into a performance from local talent Billy Lyve. During the entire set the crowd was nonstop. It was really awesome to see so many people supporting their local artists. Up next was Futuristic. For people that haven’t had a chance to witness this guy live you are absolutely missing out. At one point during the show him and DJ Kode Break decided to take a basketball net out into the crowd and hold it while Futuristic stage dived a slam dunk. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Dizzy Wright is a total blast to watch on stage. The crowd was so interactive during his set including at one point holding him up while he performed over top of them. His set was extremely impressive and people really went all out for his set. Finally it was time for the phenomenal Tech N9ne. The lights dimmed and an automated recording spoke to the crowd saying that Tech would be taking the stage in minutes. Then a video began to play on the giant screen towards the back of the stage. It was a really cool short movie including Tech, Krizz Kaliko and a few other members of the Strange Music team. After the short film was over Tech busted out onto the stage with Am I A Psycho? wearing the same jumpsuit from the video. His set consisted of all of the fan favorite songs, new and old, such as E.B.A.H, Einstein and Dysfunctional. He also addressed the Machine Gun Kelly verse in the song No Reason stating that there was an original Krizz Kaliko verse before the MGK one was added, which Krizz then came out to perform. Every single time I see Tech N9ne whether it be a festival or a small venue like it was tonight at Soundstage he still puts on one of the best performances I have ever seen. He connects with a crowd on a level that I think a lot of artists miss the mark on. It’s as if when he is on stage there is a bond that cannot be broken with him and the audience and I think he has truly perfected that ability. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that a few months back Tech teamed up with a company called Boulevard Brewing Company to create his signature beer called the Bou Lou, which was fully stocked at every bar at Baltimore Soundstage for the show. I must say after trying the Pineapple and Coconut infused wheat beer that I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty awesome that fans were able to get to try a taste of his other ventures outside of music and most seemed to enjoy it. -Tera Ford Billy Lyve Dizzy Wright Futuristic Xavier James Tech N9ne