Live: Suicide Silence celebrates 10 years of The Cleansing in Baltimore

Suicide Silence is currently out on their 10th anniversary of The Cleansing tour bringing along with them Upon A Burning Body and Prison. I was able to catch the date at Soundstage in Baltimore Maryland. Prison is an extremely intense band on stage. Playing songs such as “Dead Meat” and “Losing My Mind” the band had the crowds full attention from start to finish. Frontman Johnny Crowder is beyond energetic and interactive the entire set making these guys a ton of fun to watch on stage. Upon A Burning Body took the stage next. Every single time I\’ve seen these guys live they have blown me away. The crowd is always insane and the band always seems to be having the best time on stage. They opened with their hit “B.M.F” which instantly got the crowd moving. They also played “ “ ‘Til The Break Of Dawn” and “Sin City”. Finally was Suicide Silence. Playing almost the entire The Cleansing album the band played one of the best sets I\’ve ever seen out of them. The crowd was absolutely thrilled with the performance that they put on. Current frontman Hernan Hermida did this album absolute justice for the bands late vocalist Mitch Lucker. While I know a lot of people were skeptical about this being the anniversary tour the guys did everything they could to be respectful and give fans one hell of a performance. In my opinion, the band did a wonderful job and I think that this was a tour that Suicide Silence fans truly needed. -Tera Ford \"Click